Our Musings

When we have time, David and I muse about the complexity, simplicity, elusiveness and ever-changeability of life. We talk about our musings with each other and would have such interesting discussions.

Lately we have discussed a lot about philosophy, the universe and the existential matters since I started reading Antoine Saint-Exupery, Alain de Botton and about Soren Kierkegaard. Is the soul eternal? Does the consciousness continue after physical death? Is there another plane of existence that the human eye cannot see? What is God? So on and so forth.


Pondering over such existential matters strangely brings about a quiet contemplative joy, which in turn makes other daily life matters seem small.

Jacob muses quite a bit as he is a sensitive boy and day-dreaming type. In fact, he has many good questions.

After being drilled by us about the importance of responsibility, he asked out of the blue, “is it difficult to be an adult?” To which, we replied “Yes!”

It might be worthwhile to record our musings to see how our thinking and our children’s thinking change over time.

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