The US Political Traveling Circus

(published 12/16/2012)

I’ve kicked my addiction, for now. For over a week and a half, I couldn’t stay away from the ever waning and waxing of Republican candidates in the U.S. My favorite – Ron Paul. Why? Why not! If nothing else, it would bring some excitement to what has become, whether a Democrat or Republican, a predictable 4 years of each president campaigning, promising, breaking and/or spinning those promises, and then campaigning again.

With Ron Paul, we might have something really exciting like a fist-fight on the floor of Congress! We might also have more public and media discourse about the amazing amounts of money we wash away in multiple wars with no clear objectives and a war on drugs that is most productive in marginilizing distinct groups of the population and disproportionatly punishing socio-economic and ethnic groups.

We might also have a president who really doesn’t care if people think he’s too idealistic or unrealistic. Below here is one of Ron Paul’s classic addresses on U.S. foreign policy and its connection to increased anti-Americanism and terrorist actions against the U.S.

With Jon Huntsman out – just announced today – and Rick Perry soon to be gone (I feel he has no chance, even in South Carolina), Ron Paul is likely to be the only one left who really stands a chance of having a significant number of delegates on his side going into the Republican convention this summer.

So, for now, the circus continues and the pundits are employed. Let’s see how South Carolina plays out.

– Dave

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