About Us

Hi. We’re David, Lam and Jacob. Living in the Phu My Hung area of Saigon, Vietnam and doing our best to carve out a good life.


So, we’ve had this idea that a blog for the family would give us a chance to share what’s come up, what’s going on and what we’re thinking/dreaming about. We also want to document our family adventures.

2 years later…

We grew to become a family of four.


We moved to the USA in September 2013. David changed his job from University Manager to Financial Advisor. We are now living in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. We are members of the historic Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Lexington.

We have been looking back on our 7 years in Saigon with nostalgia for our tender time as a very young family and for Jacob’s very early childhood.

We loved our family trips to Singapore, Thailand and the Vung Tau beach.

In the midst of urban Saigon, we were almost changed into city creatures. Thankfully, after moving to the U.S., we found that we still love the open space and diverse natural landscapes. We actually craved the open space and green grass while living in and enjoying the urban jungle that is Saigon.

With its national parks, state reservoirs and the interstate system, America is the perfect place to explore and capture the beauty of nature. Thus David and I know we have come to the right place for this stage in our journey together.

So, off we go together to state parks, national parks, historic sites, and the charming college towns in America.

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