The Joy of Play

Board games and simple family time:

Board games are effective in creating the simple joy of playing together, a timeless kind of simple pleasure. David and Jacob like playing the game of Life together. Jacob always has a lot of fun at it and he would think of this experience fondly. Jacob also enjoys playing chess with Mommy and with Daddy. I like it a lot while playing chess with him because it is a quiet, interesting time between just me and him. Pretty sweet time!

David and I recently discovered we really enjoy playing table-tennis together. There is such joy deriving from being physically active and getting into the spirit of the game together.

As a family, we attempted to play the horse race game but have not been successful so far because James always wants to get involved and ends up messing everything up.

With young children in tow, I recommend board games, not Xbox or any electronic gadget, for simple, joyful time together. I believe Joie de Vivre in togetherness will help make family life easier in trying times.

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