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Our animals enjoy being together

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Laura and Annie like being near each other these days. They also like to be near us. Lately, whenever I do yard work, Laura would stay around near me to keep me company. Yesterday afternoon, David and I were busy … Continue reading

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James beating his “instruments” to rhythm for music assignment

We used our turned-down stainless steel pot as his drum and chopsticks for his drum sticks. Jacob helped us set up the music in his electronic keyboard. As you probably have noticed, his hair has gotten so long, especially at … Continue reading

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Jacob and James doing their school work at home

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They each have their own desks in their rooms, but they like to sit near each other at the dining table while doing school work. James needs to do 30 minutes of maths and 30 minutes of reading each day … Continue reading

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James’ still life artwork

For art activity this week, James is supposed to make a still life drawing of some home objects. When he finished his drawing, I emailed his artwork to Mrs. Hash, his Art teacher.

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Archbishop Kurtz’s powerful Easter message of love and hope

alleluia! alleluia!

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10 ways to harness Easter joy

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1. Begin each day by thanking God for all the good things in your life. 2. Give God all of your fears and worries. 3. Offer up the suffering and disappointments you experience. 4. Do something nice for someone. 5. … Continue reading

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Life update and Easter egg hunt

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Our Easter started off grey and windy. In the living room, we enjoyed the melodious sounds our wind chimes made. At 10am, we watched the live-streaming Easter Mass at our church on TV. Afterwards, the boys went out to hunt … Continue reading

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Some Spring blooms in Campbellsville

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These trees are dogwood and redbuds (the violet bloom), and this is the second wave of Spring flowering in our town. The first wave of beautiful Spring bloom was rendered by spectacular magnolia trees, but we failed to capture them … Continue reading

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Our neighbor’s pretty dogwood blooms

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Renee, our neighbor, is a real estate agent who sold us our current house. She is a single mother living here with a son who is a high school junior. She also has an older daughter in Bowling Green who … Continue reading

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Nature has come alive in Clay Hill Memorial Forest

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We hiked on a trail at Clay Hill Memorial Forest last Saturday and saw mostly dead brown leaves and bare brown branches there. This morning, on a hike on the Ted White trail there, we noticed plenty of new plants … Continue reading

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