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Some delightful creatures we came across on our visit to Beaufort, South Carolina

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These are bottle-nosed dolphin, laughing seagulls, brown pelican, stingray and sand dollars.

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Beaufort, South Carolina

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Day 1 We arrived in Beaufort at 4:30pm the previous afternoon and were very glad to find the playground next to the house much bigger and better equipped than in the photos. On our first morning there, we all hung … Continue reading

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Father’s Day 2020

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We took an early morning stroll to Campbellsville University this Father’s Day. At 8 o’clock in the morning, we had the whole campus to ourselves.

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Our long hike at Green River Lake State Park

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We are very lucky to live near a state park with many trails to hike on and a river next to which we could have our picnics. Friends of the Green River Lake is a group of volunteers who take … Continue reading

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Our 17th wedding anniversary

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This poem describes how I feel about David and his “quiet eyes” after 17 years of marriage: Who Loves the Rain – Frances Shaw Who loves the rain And loves his home, And looks on life with quiet eyes, Him … Continue reading

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Our front porch this Spring

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Our color theme this year is purple and white. We hope to have more white flowers on our front porch this summer. African daisies in the window flower box White and purple verbena in hanging baskets Purple petunias in pots

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Mother’s Day’s picnic at historic Whitehall in Louisville

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Most of the flowers were only in buds last time we visited Whitehall, so we didn’t see much of the flower garden there. It was also an overcast, slightly drizzling day. This time, thanks to the intermitten sunshine, we got … Continue reading

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White Hall House and Estate Garden in Louisville

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Last weekend, we went on an excursion to Louisville to visit White Hall House’ Estate Garden. David and I became interested in gardening last Spring, when we started watching a British gardening show on Netflix. Gardening is a British national … Continue reading

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Our boys spending time together early one morning

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For two siblings who are far apart in age, Jacob and James play remarkably well together. They have tremendous fun together every single day, which animates the house and enlivens the two “old souls” living with them. Together with their … Continue reading

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Our animals enjoy being together

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Laura and Annie like being near each other these days. They also like to be near us. Lately, whenever I do yard work, Laura would stay around near me to keep me company. Yesterday afternoon, David and I were busy … Continue reading

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