Joy of Gardening

We have always been city creatures up until we moved to Campbellsville where our house has a backyard and a field beyond it. We really enjoy the view and the space our house affords. Every morning when we go out in our backyard for James to swing, I would walk around and check on all the wild flowers and plants there.

We have quite a few species of wild things there. I especially like the shamrock nestled against the kids’ swing and the honeysuckle vines climbing on our fence. The birds chirp happily outside our bedroom windows every morning. Nature is usually so fresh, pretty and melodious especially at dawn and dusk.

This freshness and our spacious backyard have prompted us to start some kind of gardening, since being outside looking at plants and listening to birds constitute such a regenerating experience.

For a new family project, we are starting a compost heap in our backyard to prepare for our Spring planting. We want to have an herb garden and some potted plants next Spring, for a modest start.

To start the compost, David took some cut straws from the field behind our backyard. He also gathered some sticks and dry leaves to top off the beginning pile. Almost every day I would collect table and cooking scraps for the compost. We have added to our compost apple peels and cores, banana peels, tea bags, coffee grind, broccoli scraps, lime peels, potato and carrot peels. When we mow our yard or do some weeding, we will have yard clippings to contribute to the compost.

Doing this has been productive in reducing organic waste and experimentally fun!

Our very young garden

Creatures in the garden

We grew cucumbers and tomatoes from seeds

Mother’s Day in the garden

Our garden and flowers 2017

Some whimsical planting

Container gardening for our front porch

Beautiful pink dogwood flowers

Spring flowers around town

We visited a public estate garden in Louisville

Front porch makeover

Mother’s Day’s picnic at a public flower garden in Louisville

Container gardening for our back patio

We visited a botanical garden in Topeka, Kansas

We finally grew grass on our front lawn

We visited a phenomenal seaside garden at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine

Autumnal front porch

Spring front porch