The Joy of Food

Simple heart and stomach-warming food for snowy days:

Since Monday this week, it has snowed unusually a lot in Lexington and we have stayed in most of the time with our kids. In this cold weather and facing cabin fever, joy of eating has been at the forefront of our mind.

We started our eating binge with cream of wheat. It was so warm, fluffy, buttery, creamy and ultimately light. I really enjoyed making and eating cream of wheat while the snow was falling outside. Such a pleasure! Such balance between warm and cold, between body comfort and harsh weather condition!

Our eating pleasure continued with the making of eggs. We all love over-easy eggs with lots of black pepper sprinkled on top any time of day. Eggs have to be one of the most nutritious and filling food. We love to devour the red egg yoke that is still moderately runny or combine this runny yoke with harsh brown for a heartier meal. We can eat breakfast food any time of day.

For easy, continental, family dinner time, we would have red wine with goat cheese, prosciutto, pickled peppers and Spanish olives. This combination is simply delightful! We greatly enjoy this meal especially while watching Golden Girls and Rick Steve’s European travel shows together.


The zest of life with spices and specialty condiments:

We love spicy food–Indian food, Thai food, Vietnamese food, West African food and any other kind of spicy ethnic food. I believe David and I got married because we both love spicy food as much as we do each other. We really enjoy traveling and eating spicy food together.

We love hot spices of all kinds. When our mouth comes into contact with spicy food, there is an explosion of taste sensation because spicy food provide such a kick to the taste buds. One would instantly feel the zest of being alive.

We used to eat raw chilli peppers in Thailand and Vietnam. In America, we eat raw jalapeño peppers and pickled Jalapeño slices. We always have hot sauces around–Sriracha, Habanero sauce, Mexican hot sauce and cayenne pepper sauce.

We also buy specialty pickles and mustards to complement the meat dishes in our meal. Indian pickles are our favorite kinds of pickles. Austrian and French herb mustards are the most earthy, savory types of mustard.

The lightness and buttery flavor of olive oil:

We try to use olive oil as much as possible for cooking and eating at our home. Olive oil is buttery, savory yet light. We love dipping french baguette in olive oil mixed with salt.

I recently fried tilapia fillets in olive oil. The fish were almost submerged in oil. Because olive oil is light, I don’t feel bad about deep-frying anything in it. The fried fish came out light golden with a buttery taste. They were delicious to be eaten plain or with sauce. Even our 9-year-old who rarely eats fish enjoyed it very much.

All thanks to the buttery flavor of olive oil!

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