Our Very Own Batman

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He’s ready for Halloween!

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Jacob’s Letter to Us

As a school assignment, Jacob was supposed to write a letter to someone he admires. So, he wrote us this following letter:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for supporting me and loving me and caring for me and for giving me love, food and shelter. Without you I wouldn’t be alive. Thank you for allowing me to go into iEagle. I love you a lot and appreciate all that you’ve done for me.


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On a Saturday morning’s Walk

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We went to the Actors Theater in Louisville to watch the play Dracula. We all enjoyed the excellent acting performance and special effects. What a fantastic thrill!

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Jacob lately

Last Friday, David and I went to Jacob’s classroom in iEagle to listen to him presenting about his career goal of being a robotics engineer. He explained well what robotics engineers do, where they could work and which universities are known for this professional field.

We hope Jacob will achieve his very interesting goal!

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Fun birthday celebration for James at Malibu Jacks in Louisville

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We all had a blast with Beach Bounce, Laser Tag, Go Karts and Arcade Games.

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First day of school!

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Both Jacob and James were excited to go to school this morning.

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