November noon

Hand in hand on our walk,

confiding in each other what is on our mind and discussing our day,

we benefit from the fresh air, wide open view, the rhythm of our steps and

companionship — knowing that we have done this very many times and

will continue to do so as long as we are able to

To the left and right of us is the flow of daily life —

people driving to and fro while living prosaically

I try to focus on the beautiful things in front of us:

a deep blue sky, fluffy white clouds, perfectly proportioned evergreens and singing birds

As we round the bend of the walking track,

the wind blows from the sky

Thousands of shimmering leaves shower down upon us, reflecting the sunlight

We both look up and marvel at this unexpected gift of the season

I stretch out my hands and close my eyes to breathe in the moment

When I open my eyes again, it is to a lovely vision of being surrounded by a waterfall of twirling leaves

I feel like a child,

looking with fresh eyes and new feelings of delight.

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A beautiful October afternoon on Green River Lake

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Kendall Burress took David and the boys out on Green River Lake in his boat.

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Children’s saint procession for All Saint’s Day at Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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To celebrate All Saint’s Day this year, all the children in the religious education program at our church (kindergarten to 8th grade) participated in a procession during Mass to demonstrate their favorite Saints. In my class for First Communicants that … Continue reading

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All Hallow’s Eve

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The name Halloween comes from an older name for October 31st – All Hallow’s Eve. All Hallow’s Eve was celebrated on the vigil (night before) All Saints Day (November 1st) and All Souls Day (November 2nd). Because these two days … Continue reading

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Autumnal front porch

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Autumn John Clare I love the fitfull gusts that shakes The casement all the dayAnd from the mossy elm tree takes The faded leaf awayTwirling it by the window-paneWith thousand others down the lane I love to see the shaking twig Dance till … Continue reading

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The Haunted Trail

This gallery contains 8 photos.

This Halloween event was organized by Ashville Adventure Center. Our favorite exhibits were the spider lady, the freak circus and the alien UFO. After we walked past the first exhibit, we saw a lit-up Iphone on the ground next to … Continue reading

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The magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains

This gallery contains 17 photos.

We drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way up to the clouds and stopped at lookout points along the way. Happy Traveling!

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Fall break amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains in Montreat, North Carolina

This gallery contains 17 photos.

“Montreat” stands for mountain retreat. This mountain cove community, nestled in the Greybeard Mountain and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, was first founded in 1897 by the Mountain Retreat Association (MRA) formed by John Collins, a Congregationalist Minister from … Continue reading

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Our active weekends in Louisville

This gallery contains 2 photos.

The more clients David welcomes into his “financial care,” the more friendly acquaintances we come across out about everywhere in Campbellsville. Alas, on weekends, David, being an introvert, needs space from all the people he deals with during the work … Continue reading

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First day of school 2021

This year they started school on August 12th. Jacob was wearing his new yeti shirt bought in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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