After a long summer holiday, school has finally begun

First day of school

This year Jacob takes 6 classes: AP Chemistry, AP Literature, AP US Government, Honors Algebra 2, Advanced Topics in Math, and Python (a computer programming language). He has to go to Central Kentucky Career Academy for Python (near our house), so after the bus drops them off at school, Jacob and some other students have to take another bus to this academy. After Python, he gets bused back to Campbellsville High School for his second class. He is also joining Kentucky YMCA Youth Association (a youth leadership organization) this year in an effort to improve his social communication skills.

James is in 4th grade in IEagle. IEagle is a special, project-based learning environment for a selected group of students between 3rd and 8th grades. Elementary students in IEagle have their classes in a designated area within Campbellsville Middle School. James started with IEagle last year in 3rd grade and really enjoyed some of the activities they did. He also liked hanging out with some middle-schoolers who shared his interests in comics and Pokemon cards. So, he applied to continue in IEagle this year and was accepted. We are not completely certain what the criteria of selection are, but grades is one of them.

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Jacob’s STEM program certificate from the Naval Academy

We are proud of Jacob for having been selected and having flown to Baltimore and back by himself. During the week of this camp, we were worried and called a few times to check on him, but he seemed to handle himself fine. This summer and STEM camp far away from home in Annapolis, which is a 10-hour drive from Campbellsville, mark a milestone in Jacob’s development as an older adolescent. We are happy he has gotten to experience such an interesting event to mark this memorable 16th summer.

Jacob's STEMP program certificate

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Kraftwerk concert in Nashville, Tennessee – Jacob’s first-ever concert

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David and Jacob went to Nashville together for an Edward Jones’ summer regional meeting. They took this opportunity to check out Vanderbilt University (right across the street from their hotel) and went to a Kraftwerk concert. Kraftwerk, formed in Düsseldorf … Continue reading

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Washington, D.C.

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On this trip to Washington, D.C. we did not spend a lot of time exploring the museums and monuments as there were too many tourists there trying to do the same thing. We need to go back there at a … Continue reading

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Naval Academy Maritime Museum

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The Naval Academy Maritime Museum welcomes 100,000 visitors every year from all over the world. Illustrations of US naval traditions and some historical landmarks Displays of important American naval artifacts British as well as American ship models We find ships, … Continue reading

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Our Spring front porch

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Our climbing rose has finally bloomed today on our 19th wedding anniversary.

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United States Naval Academy

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The Continental Navy established on October 13, 1775, was disbanded after the American Revolutionary War. Under the second President John Adams, in response to the threat to American merchant shipping by Barbary pirates in the Mediterranean, the Naval Act 1794 … Continue reading

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Annapolis, Maryland

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We drove to Annapolis during Spring break to explore the US Naval Academy’s campus where Jacob will be for a week this summer and to attend their admission information session as part of our quest to find a suitable university … Continue reading

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Jacob passed his driver’s permit test

Yesterday morning Jacob passed his driver’s permit test in Columbia, KY. He immediately asked David to let him back up the car afterwards.

driving learner's permit

We hope everyone has a good weekend. James is going to a Spring Fling dance at his school this evening. Jacob is going on a field trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum with his National Art Honors Society tomorrow. After doing our house chores tomorrow, David, James and I are going to a new business opening at the city lake in Campbellsville. James is looking forward to playing in the bouncy castle and getting kona ice at the concession there.

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Our townhome at Mariner’s Landing in Annapolis, Maryland

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When we first arrived in Annapolis after a 10-hour and 15-minute drive from Campbellsville, we went first to the local grocery store Giant to check it out and to get provisions. We were surprised to find out that our rented … Continue reading

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