Our front porch this Spring

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Our color theme this year is purple and white. We hope to have more white flowers on our front porch this summer. African daisies in the window flower box White and purple verbena in hanging baskets Purple petunias in pots

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Mother’s Day’s picnic at historic Whitehall in Louisville

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Most of the flowers were only in buds last time we visited Whitehall, so we didn’t see much of the flower garden there. It was also an overcast, slightly drizzling day. This time, thanks to the intermitten sunshine, we got … Continue reading

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My Mom holding me a long, long, long time ago

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Mother’s Day 2020 – Thank you!

Thanks to all for my Mother’s Day cards!! All your beautiful sentiments are wonderful! As I see it, being a mother is a privilege and a lifetime, around-the-clock career. As a full-time mother, I don’t get to go home from work and unwind. Home is my work. I remember reading somewhere when Jacob was born that when you become a mother, you’re not yourself when you’re with your children and you’re not yourself when you’re NOT with your children. That is totally correct!!

Motherhood is certainly a blessing from God which causes a lot of fatigue, worry, fun and joy all at the same time once you have entered fully into the spirit of mothering. Just like the adventure of life itself! I am the kind of old soul who has always been searching for the meaning of life ever since I was old enough to do so. I have certainly found part of the meaning of life in motherhood. After all, the continuation of life is an integral part of why we are all here.

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White Hall House and Estate Garden in Louisville

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Last weekend, we went on an excursion to Louisville to visit White Hall House’ Estate Garden. David and I became interested in gardening last Spring, when we started watching a British gardening show on Netflix. Gardening is a British national … Continue reading

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Our boys spending time together early one morning

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For two siblings who are far apart in age, Jacob and James play remarkably well together. They have tremendous fun together every single day, which animates the house and enlivens the two “old souls” living with them. Together with their … Continue reading

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Our animals enjoy being together

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Laura and Annie like being near each other these days. They also like to be near us. Lately, whenever I do yard work, Laura would stay around near me to keep me company. Yesterday afternoon, David and I were busy … Continue reading

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James beating his “instruments” to rhythm for music assignment

We used our turned-down stainless steel pot as his drum and chopsticks for his drum sticks. Jacob helped us set up the music in his electronic keyboard. As you probably have noticed, his hair has gotten so long, especially at … Continue reading

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Jacob and James doing their school work at home

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They each have their own desks in their rooms, but they like to sit near each other at the dining table while doing school work. James needs to do 30 minutes of maths and 30 minutes of reading each day … Continue reading

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James’ still life artwork

For art activity this week, James is supposed to make a still life drawing of some home objects. When he finished his drawing, I emailed his artwork to Mrs. Hash, his Art teacher.

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