Our Weekend Adventures – Bardstown and Louisville

The Talbot Inn in Bardstown

We went there to see if we could catch some ghosts as this historic inn is allegedly haunted. Jacob read about it in one of his books about haunted places in America.

We found out that many famous people stayed at this inn, including President George Washington and his guest King Louis Philippe of France, General George Patton, President Abraham Lincoln and the famous outlaw Jesse James. Some walls are preserved to show the bullet holes Jesse James made when he visited the Talbot Inn.

We went to My Old Kentucky Home State Park near there for a picnic lunch afterwards.

Speed Art Museum in Louisville

This museum is located on the University of Louisville campus. Our favorite exhibit was the English Renaissance Exhibit.

David’s favorite item was the Book of hours, a gorgeous Christian devotional book very popular in the Middle Ages. The pictures below are taken from Wikipedia.

Lam’s favorite exhibit was the beautifully preserved wood-carved walls removed from a 17th century manor house in Devon, England, and reassembled inside the museum. There are intricately detailed wood-carved images on all four walls all the way from floor to ceiling. Below is the King James I’s coat of arms located right atop the mantelpiece.


About debrotnguyen

A smitten couple and loving parents in our mid 30s. We have lived in 3 different countries together. We dream of living in a fourth country together after our children grow up. We love long walks in the woods, climbing mountains, fishing, traveling, reading, and being together. David has an MBA and is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. He works hard to better people's lives by helping them with financial knowledge and planning. Lam is primarily a Mom and a wife, but is currently a graduate school student.
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