Jacob’s 8th grade achievements

Jacob hasn’t stopped surprising us thus far. When Jacob was younger, he didn’t like to eat and had to be forced to eat. He used to be so shy that he didn’t use to say much about anything. In recent years, we could not stop him from eating and we have had to tell him not to talk so much or ask so many questions when he’s around us. We now call him the “Spanish Inquisitor” because he asks us so many questions about everything at every opportunity he gets.

This Sunday afternoon, we were surprised by all the awards he received. Jacob appears to us a lazy kid who doesn’t like school work at all. His favorite thing to do is to stretch out on the couch in the living room and read his numerous books. He devours books and keeps running out of books to read. Thankfully I have found used books at super cheap prices online to buy for him. When he doesn’t have books to read, he would “hijack” James’ and my books. He also loves playing video games and watching fun shows in his room with James. David and I would “gossip” a lot with each other about how lazy he is when we are out of his earshot.

Throughout the COVID-induced homeschooling period, I had to listen to him complain about school work most days. We had him drop his 9th grade Algebra because after a semester I finally couldn’t take anymore of his whining and desk-banging. We have to reason with him about why he needs to work hard in school and in life on a regular basis. In general, what happens at our house is that David tries to push Jacob to take on more classes and work harder and Jacob would push back or complain, and I would be the mediator. We believe Jacob is capable but needs to be pushed and challenged.

Jacob even complained for the whole last week about having to go to the award ceremony on a Sunday afternoon. This is because he usually wants total relaxation with no obligation whatsoever in the outside world on weekends. He persuaded us not to go, but we insisted and had to reason with him repeatedly.

I’m glad we all showed up at the award ceremony despite his constant protest. Jacob received the President’s Education Award for having all A’s in all his classes in 8th grade, including his 9th grade Science class. He received a Principal’s Honor Roll Certificate for having got all A’s in all his classes during all three years of middle school (6th, 7th and 8th grades). Only 2 kids in the whole school got this award. He received a certificate and a medal as parts of a schoolwide Scholarship Award for which his name will be engraved on a plaque on a wall at Campbellsville Middle School. Only 2 kids in the whole school were chosen for this award.

As soon as we got inside the house, he put his Scholarship medal on Liam, our cat and his new best friend.

This is Jacob receiving the Scholarship Award.

Thank you for reading! We hope everyone has a good week.

About David and Lam

A smitten couple and loving parents in our early 40s. We have lived in 3 different countries together. We dream of living in a fourth country together after our children grow up. We love long walks in the woods, climbing mountains, boating, traveling, reading, and being together. Both David and Lam are old souls who love quietness and meaningful conversations in which we ponder the truth and mysteries of life as well as discuss philosophical and ethical matters. We especially like to enjoy the small pleasures of daily life.
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  1. Hé is a teenager. They complain about everything. Congratulations on his achievements!!!!!

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