Our new little fella on ultrasound video

Below are photos from our ultrasound appointment this past Monday the 23rd. It lasted about 10 minutes and there were two ‘4-D’ (I can’t work out what the 4th D is for) shots of him in here – the second is the best. I chose that shot along with some other ‘highlights’ from the video. And yes, you can clearly tell it’s a boy (arrow to point it out as well!).

I couldn’t get the video uploaded yet – I’ve been trying all day – but will figure out a way. Until then, take a look at these photos. Enjoy! – Lam and David

Proof that 'It's a boy!'

His left foot.

His left hand.

His face (left eye in shadow).

His heart (arrow pointing to one of the chambers).

Second shot of his face in '4D'.

About debrotnguyen

A smitten couple and loving parents in our mid 30s. We have lived in 3 different countries together. We dream of living in a fourth country together after our children grow up. We love long walks in the woods, climbing mountains, fishing, traveling, reading, and being together. David has an MBA and is a financial advisor with Edward Jones. He works hard to better people's lives by helping them with financial knowledge and planning. Lam is primarily a Mom and a wife, but is currently a graduate school student.
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