James at home

James in his first tanning bed – a true American (photo therapy for Jaundice).

So, after James was born last Sunday we stayed in the hospital for 4 days. These were the longest 4 days Lam or I can remember going through for quite some time. Lam was exhausted (still tired now), James was learning how to eat, we were managing Lam and James in the hospital, Jacob at home and school and the hospital staff whose customer service was on par with a bowling alley snack bar (except her doctor, Dr. Dat, who was fantastic).  James had moderate Jaundice (we considered ‘Jaundice’ as another ‘J’ name, but it’s a little too ‘French’ so we thought it better to go with ‘James’) and Lam needed to rest and recover as much as possible before coming home, so they both stayed until Thursday, August 23rd.

The room was a single, but it had no personality of any kind and hospital staff were coming

The ‘Chair’.

in and out of Lam’s room at approximately 2staff/second. It was a bit like being in a small, colorless, air-conditioned beehive. Of course, I have no right to complain of  any type of discomfort given what Lam went through, but I will. The chair I sat in was unlike any chair I’ve ever experienced before in that it was in no way comfortable. The back was at the most akward and least restful angle possible and it did not recline. I would like to meet the designer of this chair and then report them to Human Rights Watch. Or, just make them sit in their own chair for 8-9 hours.

On Thursday morning we started the paperwork (and paying) of leaving the hospital. It was a brighter day for Lam and I knowing we were all going home to our beds, sofa, pleasant breeze through the house and plants inside and out. The food would also be our own, and not one of the 4 or 5 greasy trough items shoveled onto a plate as was in the hospital.

See below the photos of him and us at home together this past weekend. It was the first weekend ever of having two children at home. We are lacking sleep, a bit overwhelmed and still adjusting to a family of 4, but it was a good weekend overall and it’s great to have them both.

Me and James on his first full day. God, I look happy.

Grandma (Lam’s Mom) with James.

The Three Boys DeBrot (I’m the one in the beard).

Getting ready to head home.

In the room – for the last time.

First nap at home. Also – looks a bit like he’s fencing. En Garde!

Jacob and James hanging out at home.

Having a bad dream.

Our boys.

Jacob pretending to sleep like James. It almost looks like a before/after picture with 6 or so years inbetween.

About David and Lam

A smitten couple and loving parents in our early 40s. We have lived in 3 different countries together. We dream of living in a fourth country together after our children grow up. We love long walks in the woods, climbing mountains, boating, traveling, reading, and being together. Both David and Lam are old souls who love quietness and meaningful conversations in which we ponder the truth and mysteries of life as well as discuss philosophical and ethical matters. We especially like to enjoy the small pleasures of daily life.
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