Jacob’s first two weeks of Grade 1

Jacob started school exactly 2 weeks ago today, and just 2 days after his brother was born!

Just lost his 3rd baby tooth on the top.

In the middle of all of this baby hubbub, it’s good to get this big event up our blog as well before time gets the better of us.

Jacob likes Grade 1 so far, and in particular, recess. He has his own study desk in the classroom which he was very excited about and sits next to a girl named Vivian, who he says is nice. He was given his own set of pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser and notebook with a planner on the first day. All of these had his name attached and he was very happy to have his own personal set.

Jacob’s new uniform and hat – all ready to go for another year.

He studies the usual reading, writing, math, science, PE but also has swimming class once a week, music class (he does a great rendetion of ‘O, Canada!’– the Canadian national anthem) and is also taking French 3 times a week. In the Ontario system in Canada, which accredits his school, all students must learn French. So far, he can say ‘bonjour’, ‘merci’ and ‘comme çi comme ça’. He seems to think the language is a bit funny.

Below is the information about the school year, a paper he wrote about his class and some photos of his first weeks in Grade 1.

Jacob with his ‘reading buddy’ – an older student who comes to read with him each week. Each student in his class has one.

His class also has their own website with pictures of his teachers, classmates and in-class activities (like the one at left) www.msangelateacher.weebly.com

Letter from his school about the new year.

Dad and Jacob waiting for the bus the first day of Grade 1. Mom was stil in the hospital.

Jacob’s shot of Dad (the bus was late and he got bored).

Getting on the ‘Canadian School Bus’, as he calls it. Bus number 7.

He grabbed one of the best seats – right by the door at the front. Looking a bit stunned here – back to school!

This is what Jacob brought home his first day of Grade 1.











































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