The funny stuff Jacob says

Who knows what this is about!

Over the past 6 months or so, we have kept a bank of the funny, inexplicable, priceless and ultimately humorous stuff Jacob says. We were afraid if we didn’t, he’d be 18 before we knew it, on his way out of the house (hopefully!) and we’d turn to each other and say – ‘What was that funny thing he said when he was 6? Something about my beard or the baby?’.

Well, we hope you enjoy the below – and even if you don’t, we’ll be glad to have a record of these things he came up with. I’ve also thrown in a few recent (and not-so-recent) photos of Jacob for good measure.

Here they are:

‘Dad, did your beard grow because you gave it water?’ (after watering our plants on the balcony)

Jacob’s self portrait

‘Mom, did you find me somewhere when I was a baby?’

Jacob’s hot air balloon

(Looking at our wedding pictures in the U.S.)

Jacob: ‘Where was I?’

Lam: ‘You weren’t  born yet.’

Jacob: ‘Did you leave me at home?’

Jacob in the old house sporting his ‘Fohawk’.

(Looking at the shrimp with eggs in our fish tank) ‘Mom, are the shrimp pregnant like you?’

Uhhhh – when will this get exciting?

(Looking at the full moon off of our balcony) ‘Is the moon big because it eats well?’

Jacob on a walk shortly after we moved to where we are now.

(Watching a movie with us and seeing a man and woman kiss) ‘Oooooh! Why do every man and woman kiss?!’

Jacob’s Thanksgiving thank you note (in Canada they celebrate it in October).

‘Does Baby James have an arts and crafts cabinet like me but in Mom’s belly?’


‘Did magic make Baby James turn from a girl to a boy?’

Jacob’s Thanksgiving turkey. Jacob wrote: ‘I am thankful for – Mom, Dad, home, food, friends, James, toys, CIS (his school).’

‘Are Ba Ngoai and Ong Ngoai (Grandma and Grandpa) friends?’

Painting when he was about 4-5.

(Looking at a book on Egyptian history with Dad)

Jacob: ‘Who was Osiris?’

Dad: ‘He was an Egyptian God.’

Jacob: ‘Are Osiris and Jesus friends?’

Jacob doing his ‘Charlie Chaplin’ into the pool.

(Getting ready for sleep)

Jacob: ‘I need to spank my brain!’

Dad: ‘Why?!’

Jacob: ‘Because it won’t let me have happy thoughts before I sleep!’

Jacob at his old school – Saigon Kids – with his buddies.

(Looking at a Sean Connery James Bond DVD cover) ‘Why isn’t there a woman on the DVD?! James Bond always needs a woman with him!’

Jacob and James relaxing after dinner.

(Talking about James in his sleeper – which Jacob says makes him look like a judge) ‘Did James just poop in his judge costume?’

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A smitten couple and loving parents in our early 40s. We have lived in 3 different countries together. We dream of living in a fourth country together after our children grow up. We love long walks in the woods, climbing mountains, boating, traveling, reading, and being together. Both David and Lam are old souls who love quietness and meaningful conversations in which we ponder the truth and mysteries of life as well as discuss philosophical and ethical matters. We especially like to enjoy the small pleasures of daily life.
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