Happy Birthday Bi! (And pics of the kids too…)

Bi and the boys on her birthday.

It was Bi’s birthday a little over a week ago (the day after Halloween) and in honor of her birthday I took the day off and we spent it together (with James, of course). We had a slower-than-normal morning and then had lunch together at a local Italian place (with nearly-there real Italian food and wine).

Jacob made Bi a birthday card and also picked out a loud gold bracelet with red jeweled flowers all around it. I bought Bi a card (still counts, right?!) and also got her a pretty nifty pair of Nike walking shoes as she’s been wanting to get out and walk with James more often on the days Jacob and I are away from home at school and work.

The day before Bi’s birthday was Halloween and

Jacob’s class at Halloween (he’s the ghost on the far left!).

Jacob and Dad made his very own homemade ghost costume. He wore it to his school Halloween party (see photo on the right) and Halloween night we went to the mall to trick-or-treat, but unbelievably, there was no candy. We got some shots of Jacob, though, and also the most inappropriate yet funny costume I’ve ever seen on a small child – see below:

Aside from Halloween, we’ve mostly been going about our business, enjoying time with each other and at home, swimming, exercising (me, mostly, so I can lose some weight) and keeping up with Jacob’s homework which lately has consisted of both daily word study and math homework.

Jacob’s class website has many new photos and you can also read what they’re studying. Check it out the various bits on that site here:

The Daily Scoop (special events/projects Jacob and his classmates are engaged in)

What We’re Learning (up to date with the various skills/topics Jacob is studying)

Gallery (pictures from each month of his school this Fall)

Check out photos of Bi’s birthday and what the kids have been up to around here below.

Below are also videos of Jacob doing the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance (if you don’t know what that is yet, then please come out from under your rock, or watch the video here).
From all of us – enjoy!

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