Mom, Leon and Aunt Karen’s trip to Vietnam

Grammie and Da Boys again.

Grammie and Da Boys again.

Mom, Leon and Aunt Karen came to Vietnam for a week, during the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam – Tet. Tet was of course made famous in the U.S. during the Vietnam war because of theTet Offensive‘. But it is not a holiday typically associated with conflict or battle by Vietnamese. It is, instead, a time for family to join together to mark the  end of one year (to learn more about the lunar year go here) and the beginning of the next.

For many Vietnamese, this is the one time of the year they get to leave Ho Chi Minh City (still referred to as ‘Saigon’) and travel to their home town, usually in a rural area in the South, Midlands or North of the Country. In each of the major regions of the country, the Tet New Year is celebrated with

The Hoa Mai tree (Ochra Flower) for Tet at the hotel where they stayed.

The Hoa Mai tree (Ochra Flower) for Tet at the hotel where they stayed.

different traditions. In the South, the Mai tree blossoms with bright yellow leaves. This is the only time in the year it blossoms, so it has special signaficance as marking new beginnings. See the photo to the right of the Mai tree Karen took a picture of at the hotel where Mom, Leon and Aunt Karen stayed.

They all just got back home a little over a week ago and are still settling back into their routines (and timezones!). They did really well to stay healthy and alert during their time here. We got to do quite a few things together and we had some really good memories come out of our week together.

I think they each had a special time here – and of course, they loved seeing the new Baby James! Check out photos below of their trip – they’re are quite a few, so grab a drink. You’ll be here a little while!

Hold your mouse over each picture to see the caption. Click on any picture and a slide show will open:

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