Our Fun Times Amidst the Sky, Water and Trees at Green River Lake State Park

We always seem to discover new things at Green River Lake State Park. We checked out its visitor center last Sunday and came upon a mini nature center equipped with an aquarium, a bird-watching station, several turtle tanks and a snake tank along with some nature educational stations for kids. James enjoyed playing the fake, life-size boat in there. He called it a pirate boat.

It is indeed the most stimulating state park visitor centers we have been to so far. The planner of this visitor center is definitely more focused on educating people and children about animals and nature than trying to look rustic or be a tourist trap.

We took my Mom to the park for hanging out, picnicking and fishing. She enjoyed the beauty and the opportunity to practice her new passion, photography, there.


A beautiful Fall evening on Green River Lake in 2020

About David and Lam

A smitten couple and loving parents in our early 40s. We have lived in 3 different countries together. We dream of living in a fourth country together after our children grow up. We love long walks in the woods, climbing mountains, boating, traveling, reading, and being together. Both David and Lam are old souls who love quietness and meaningful conversations in which we ponder the truth and mysteries of life as well as discuss philosophical and ethical matters. We especially like to enjoy the small pleasures of daily life.
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